Kate Fay’s debut concept EP Duality, 


released December 6, 2019, combines her love for retro soul with pop, disco-funk and neo-soul, resulting in an emotional and uplifting collection of personal experiences and learnings. Duality expresses heartbreak, healing and sensuality, and explores the concept of having certainty. Duality is Kate's first publicly released project and will be supported by a live tour when public performances are again allowed. She describes Duality as requiring a plethora of love, devotion, endurance, and sacrifice... saying "it's the thing I'm most proud of and I'm so happy to share this art with you."


Duality wouldn't have been possible without the collaborative efforts of Jesse Baskin, David Arregui, Mitchell Haeuszer, Apiwe Bubu and many talented Berklee colleagues/musicians in Los Angeles and Boston. Kate shares pain, hope, faith and growth through these songs, in hopes that from them, some of you find solace, comfort and healing. 

Kate's mission in music is to lead by example that it's never to late to express oneself artistically, and that through vulnerability, we truly heal from the pains of life, and grow into better versions of ourselves. 


Growing up in a musical family from Iowa, Kate realized from a young age that her singing voice would be a huge part of her life. As a child and teen, Kate sang at school concerts, starred in community theater productions and sat in on rock and roll gigs with her Dad’s band, "The Naked Gypsies." In her late teens, Kate sang at weddings, parties and bar gigs in the classic rock band "The Hillbilly Vampires" and embraced her love for funk shortly after, singing originals in the Cedar Rapids-based band "Soul Shakedown."


Developing an interest in jazz and blues in her early 20's, Kate sang corporate events with Billy D’s 8 piece jazz band featuring Dennis "Daddy-O" McMurrin and was able to gig with jazz legends Russell Malone and Houston Person.


Ready to experiment with recording, Kate sang, created and helped market jingles and voice-overs for local and national radio advertisements with longtime friend and producer, Mark Pence of Studio MVP. The team also recorded pop, r&b, and hip-hop originals and created a Christmas album together. In her early twenties Kate moved from Iowa City, Iowa to New York, NY, quickly finding work at midtown’s AG studio as the voice for T’INK’s developmental talking toy line, and landed character voice over work and narration for the Japanese Anime series “Geisters.”


Accepting the double-role as Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli in the off-off-Broadway original production “Lets Be Frank--the Rat Pack is Back,” Kate revisited her love for theater by acting, singing and dancing on stage in the 11-week run at Manhattan’s West Village 13th St. Repertoire Theater. With very little time to waitress on the side to support herself, Kate needed to take an office job on Wall Street and spent many years working in administrative, sales and marketing positions with TransactTools and their parent company, The New York Stock Exchange. Just preceding and during these years, Kate recorded an EP of New York inspired originals, formed the acoustic trio "The Borders" and sang with Wall Street’s charity band "Rockbrokers" raising money for cancer and children's charities while working in finance and pursuing a degree in business administration.


Ready to give music her full-time attention after a stint in NYU's music business program, Kate moved to Boston, accepting a vocal scholarship to study performance, voice and music business & management at The Berklee College of Music, where she met talented musicians and engineers she’d later record her debut EP with. After a final semester to finish her degree abroad at the Valencia, Spain campus, Kate moved to Los Angeles to record and release her debut EP DUALITY. The collection of soul, pop, dance and neo-soul originals focus on personal growth and healing after heartbreak and disappointment.


Kate's range of influences include Aretha Franklin, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Joss Stone and Emily King, and she is moved by all music that grooves. Kate's original sound is drawn from experience singing a variety of music styles and she is excited to share Duality on tour as soon as possible. 

Kate strives to impact listeners and the music industry positively and dreams of funding inner city music + arts outreach programs for underserved children, in addition to helping fund music & arts programs in public schools across the U.S. 









Set List
Tech Rider
Hospitality Rider
"I'm gonna be, you're gonna be, we're gonna be DIVINE"




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