Kate Fay’s debut concept EP Duality, 


released December 6, 2019, combines her love for retro soul with pop, disco-funk and neo-soul, resulting in an emotional and uplifting collection of very personal experiences and learning. Duality expresses heartbreak, healing and sensuality, and explores the concept of having certainty. Duality is Kate's first publicly released project and will be supported by a live tour in 2020. She describes Duality as requiring a plethora of love, devotion, endurance, and sacrifice, saying "it seriously cost me blood, sweat, tears and all of my savings... it's the thing I'm most proud of and I'm so happy to share this art with you."


Duality wouldn't have been possible without the collaborative efforts of Jesse Baskin, David Arregui, Mitchell Haeuszer, Apiwe Bubu and many talented Berklee colleagues/musicians in Los Angeles and Boston. Kate shares pain, hope, faith and her learning experiences through these songs, in hopes that from them, some of you find solace, comfort and healing. 

Kate's mission in music is to lead by example that it's never to late to express oneself artistically, and that through vulnerability, we truly heal from the pains of life, and grow into better versions of ourselves. Her hope is that through these 6 songs, you'll move through your own reflection, healing and growth.










"I'm gonna be, you're gonna be, we're gonna be DIVINE"




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© Kate Fay 2020

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